*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2003-06-07 14:27:02 (UTC)


Schools almost out! WOO HOO! Only 4.5 days left. I can't
wait. Finals are going to suck.
I had this whole long thing abiut Rally in the Alley
typed and all of a sudden our power went off and then back
on in like a second and it was all lost. Sorry I'm too damn
lazy to re-type it. But we moshed in an all girls mosh pit
that some of us started and we are now officially stalking
Fourth Element. Hottest guys we have ever seen.
Right now, at my house we having some problems, all
revolving around my brother. I would like tell all of you,
but it's complicated and really personal. Those of you I
have told, I trust you with all I have.


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