Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-06-07 08:23:00 (UTC)

loopy meanderings

It's late, i'm sleepy, and cold, after finishing off a
homemade pepsi and rum icy. Just finished watching
Nemesis...I wish they would go back to those ballbusting
moviemaking ideals, where their characters would be
overglorified, and larger than life...but now, they seem to
dwindle, not much as stars as they once were, but only
fading memories. Why don't they experiment with the
franchise? Put Scorsese, or some other wild director, on
the task to direct, and just bring in new people... but oh
well, it seems like the writing was carefully plotted out,
keeping sure not to introduce too many new things.... but
oh well....

I was concerned about my mortal life again, and then chose
to dwell on it for a while, where each and every escapade
is all for naught, every emotion, every thought, every
triumph, is all meaningless...but where every failure sends
a tidal wave crashing down on your shore.. Our failures
stick with us, and our triumphs are all but meaningless,
because of the temporal nature of our existence... Thus,
it seems to make sense to just live outside of time, cast
it away, ignore it, it does not exist. Our timeless being
exists, and that is all there is... Standing on the shores
of a sandy beach, and listening to the waves, you get that
un-urgent sense to just, you are no one, the
waves continue their work, oblivious to your
may as well just be a rock, aging with time...your skin
will become weathered, peel off, wither away, but your soul
will remain constant, looking through the windows that are
your eyes. Waves, meet soul...soul, meet waves. "But, we
have met before," your souls say back to you, "we are one
and the same, waves crashing upon your shores, of agony, of
defeat, of enmity. We seek to tear down all your walls
that keep your heart barricaded from doing what it does
best, to Love...!!!"