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2003-06-07 06:23:40 (UTC)

The Reunion

Well she emailed me back last night and was a little
nicer...but still kinda...I dunno...different...
I saw her today and as I was driving into the driveway and
saw her truck, I just felt so happy. Like I was smiling
just seeing her truck...and then I saw her and at first it
was all like "how's Rori etc" no questions like "how are
you" or anything. But later on we were talking more and
I guess P and GW were saying to her how much we were alike
as in "you two are so alike, you guys should have been
sisters..." and then "having her around is like having you
around again..." so in a way I take that as a compliment
as she told me that in like a proud sorta amused way.
And later she was bringing up how we should go to a movie
and stuff like that so I dunno...but she mentioned the
movie and then was like "and JackE could come...or
whatever" she sorta trailed off...I don't know if she saw
something in my eyes or what...but it was so nice to see
her I just wanted to hug her and just be
like "don't let go" like I didn't think I missed her but
after just the calming effect I felt just listening to her
talk sorta thing...I was decent.

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