SuGaR RuSh
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2003-06-07 04:13:45 (UTC)

click click boom

blah, sucha boring night,went 2 the outback and watched 2
movies, we usually do that cuz we havin notin else
2do....the dr's said i shouldnt get an mri...good god..oh
ya and they said i had mono and didnt even 2
mororw is baldwins community day so churchview is closed so
i gotta take the extra long way 2 work and it sucks i dun
wanna haveta get up early i dun wanna go 2 work @
all...blah i love 2 ramble and parta my 3 more days of school left then uma
senior...oh gosh its really scary, ya like one of my
teachers were talkin 2 the seniors on their last day and
she said sumthin bout goin out 2 the real world and its
really skurryyy, @ least be4 i actaully go 2 new york
(hoepfully) that i will sucha kick ass tie in vegas lol god
thats gunnab fun, well thats enough random thoughts 4 2 nite

kissy kissy