Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2003-06-07 03:56:26 (UTC)


were moveing soon and i guess it's cool that maybe i
could just compleatly trash my old life and start a better
one. i could start inna new school and be a cmpleatly
different eprson again and no one would have to know about
who i was in the past. Maybe in the new school year people
will actually like who i try to be and not trash who I am.
my new house is really nice, it even has a hot tub and
thats cool. i havent cheked out if there are any hott
neighbors but i guess i will when i'm done moveing. were
packing soo much and it's so fucking annoying all the boxes
and all but bubble wrap is fun, lol. well i gtg, today was
a terrible day and i'm not in the mood to discuss.

music: trap-"perfect dream"