2003-06-07 01:35:02 (UTC)

Summer again

Well everything is in full swing...ALMOST. LOL It has been
quite a while since I've written.
I'm sitting in my living room listening to Rosemary Clooney
singing one of my favorite songs, "You'll Never Know."
I've been in one of those moods where I just want to be
alone, eat what I want, relax, and just listen to all the
music that makes me feel good. It has been a pretty crazy
few weeks, and it's nice to just be alone.
I've been in the office a lot. About 35 hours to be exact,
and I started voice this week. It's been nice taking a
break from the music stuff and just being able to relax and
kind of go to the office, come home and do whatever. I
haven't really been worrying about my voice as much as I
was when the semester ended--it has been great to not have
to depend on it every single day. It's all to change
soon. I know I'll feel refreshed though once rehearsals
The website is on a lag right now. I know things are kind
of crazy right for me and my friend, but we're going to
pull it together sometime soon-hopefully!!
Well I'm going to close for now and get back to
Rosemary...maybe some Frank too. :)

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