my courage
2003-06-06 23:57:08 (UTC)

what is wrong with me?

What IS wrong with me? Jinn invited me to her house, and
i'm terrified. Of what? Meeting new people. I mean, since
when did I go back to being anti-social. This is stupid. I
don't care about fitting in. I don't care what people think
of me. Actually, I do. I want people to like me. :-( Isn't
this why I went to SuperCamp? Went to SUA? Have the friends
that i do? Became a cox? AAArgh. this is frustrating. I
hate it when i act like this. I can't control my fear. I've
determined that I am anti-conversation. Duh. I can't hold
one with anyone. I don't know myself. I hate phones and
have the most boring IM conversations ever.

What should I do? grrr *beats self over the head with
katherine's plastic sword*