Montana bound
2003-06-06 23:34:05 (UTC)


Damn it, this sucks. I've got yet another problem
(though it's far from new) to address, and I have no idea
how to go about solving it.
For the past few days, I've been speaking with Jessica
more, and it seems I've finally got her convinced that I'm
not only after her body. Which I'm not. I really do care
for her.
The problem comes at times like this, when I'm feeling
like a rabbit on viagra. I do care for Jessica more than
I've cared for any girl in quite some time, the only ones
who equal her standing in my sight are Allison and Alyssa.
However, Jessica is also the only one with whom I can fool
around. If Allison and I were together, I'm sure she would
like that, as well, but we're not, so I really can't bring
that up around her. Well, it may be worth a try....
Anyway, I'm hoping that I can speak with Jessica later
and hopefully get some help with this problem I'm having.
I think she'll realize that while I'm not some sex-addict
who thinks only with my second brain, I'm still human,
after all.
If it comes right down to it, I suppose I could talk to
Allison about it, though I'm a bit apprehensive about
bringing up that subject with her, I'm not entirely sure