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2003-06-06 21:47:12 (UTC)

Bad Day...

My phone that I just got, got take away from me. What
irony. My alumni friends (Karoline and Randy ) Tried to get it for me but didn't succeed. I
was wondering why hadn't they come to see my improv final,
but I didn't have a phone to call with afterschool and ask
them. I was just standing there waiting for a bus in the
rain. More irony. My umbrella was in my locker. I even went
back for it, but decided as I looked out the window that it
was raining before and is not now. Even if, I'll be right
on the bus and can take a little rain. The bus was all
full. I waited as many full busses passed me and my friends
by. They cheered me up a little. Still this whole finals
thing, just makes any little irritating situation into a
big chunk of hatred and resentment.

Not to mention that I don't have a date for prom or a
dress. I feel like a person on Mad's lowered expectations.
So unwanted. I wanna cast a love spell. I'm that desprate.
It would be a simple attraction spell. No love really. I
just want a date, not marriage. I really wanna go with a
guy I can connect with, and flirt with. I want him to take
the garters off my legs with his teeth. It's the only time
I can have that experiance since I'm not wanting to get
married at all. And I'm not gonna let a jack ass go under
my skirt. I feel so unwanted. My friends are thinking of
some possiblities. Kathy came up with the idea of her
boyfriends friend. She said that he can be fun, but
sometimes he can be an ass. If that does happen, I don't
think it's gonna be a good prom. My parents are thinking
Stan. He's no fun though. And he dances like he just walked
out of a blender. If he does god forbid dance at all. He
wouldn't click with my friends and my friends wouldn't
click with him.

The thing with the guy I was gonna ask was that he's out of
town back in his college working there. To tell you the
truth I thought that that would happen. In a way I was
kinda hoping for it, so that something else would happen,
but now that I think of it, even if it would happen, I
doubt it would happen my way.

Yeah so I'm pissed.


P.S. Really I don't understand this. I'm preety. My teeth
aren't perfect I know, but I can be fun and sexy yet I
can't get a date. Seriously, it's like lowered expectations.