No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-06-06 18:56:12 (UTC)

Some funny/stupid shit...

Some shit left to me from [email protected]:
Plainly stated... you are a bitch ...... What makes you
believe, who gave you the right, to talk about others as if
what they do, who they date, is any of your business? Just
because you believe that the entire earth belongs to
your "gorgeous" self does not mean that you are entitled to
continually talk shit about other people. Of course she
knew that you were speaking of her... you claim to be
friends with her (as you do everyone) and then you think
taht you are free to judge what they do...
She can date whoever that she wants to, whenever she wants
to date them. No one presumes to judge who you date, so why
are you? So, you do not want your "friend" to be hurt...
shouldnt that be his call to make and not yours? Besides,
wasnt she, in fact, at one point, your "friend"? It is not
as big of a deal as you like to make everything.. you are
in high school...nothing else..people will date so many
people and not even remember them 10 years down the road..

My Reply:
First off, this is MY diary...therefore I have the right to
talk about whoever I want, however I want, whenever I want.
I never said you or anyone else ever has to read it. I
never said anyone has to agree with me. Just so you can't
start the "why is it public then?" shit...I'll just tell
you. I have family and friends that dont live in Florida
that read this as a way of knowing what is going on in my
life. I dont believe this Earth belongs to me, and I KNOW
for a fact I am not pretty, or anything to look at, let
alone gorgeous. So why dont you get your facts straight and
stop talking out your ass? You obviously dont know what is
going on. That diary entry was NOT directed toward Jessica
and Clayton. But, it does fit in PERFECTLY with that
relationship. It was toward someone isn't my
fault Jessica feels attacked and guilty. I am not claiming
to be friends with Jessica, so you obvious dont know what
the fuck you are talking about. "What makes you believe,
who gave you the right, to talk about others as if what
they do, who they date, is any of your business?" Why dont
you answer that question. You are going to sit there and
call me a bitch and try to THINK you know what I think.
But, you try to condemn me for exactly what you are doing
right now. That's pretty damn hypocritical. Also, to that
statement you made, what makes you think it is YOUR
buisness who Jessica or Clayton date? You're sitting here
bitching at me about them and saying it isn't my buisness,
it sure isnt yours. Unless you are Jessica or Clayton, it
isn't you damn buisness so shut the fuck up. Again, showing
how hypocrtical you are. I do NOT claim to be friends with
everyone, NO ONE is friends with everyone. I never said
Jessica cannot date Clayton...I NEVER said that. NOT ONCE.
It boils down to this: THIS IS MY DIARY. If you dont like
it, DONT READ IT. It's plain and simple. If you have a
problem with me, well than FUCK YOU and stay out of my
shit. You are nosey as hell and none of this is your
buisness at all. So fuck off.
I have said NUMEROUS times, that this is MY diary, if you
dont like it, dont read it.
You know what is really fucking funny? How people claim to
be vampires or want to be vampires...THEY AREN'T REAL. IT
IS IMPOSSIBLE! The main proof of that statement is blood
type. Unless every vampire has O blood, they could die from
sucking others blood. A vampire would have to only drink
his or her blood type. Lets face it, no one knows exactly
who's blood type they can drink. Mixing blood types results
in death. Another thing, is that everyone who wants to be a
vampire or calls themselves one, goes in light or sunlight
every once in a while. That'd kill you. And most of them
dont sleep all day and only leave at night. So, next time,
think twice.
I went to Bok Tower Gardens the other day with Evan, Trish
and Terry. It was pretty. The tower was awesome. It rained
a little, but rain is good.
That's really all. I'll write more later.