Visions Of Life
2003-06-06 18:10:27 (UTC)

Fuck Friends

I think I have given up on the concept of having friends.
All they do is use you then fuck you over for the next
cheap piece of ass that comes their way.

All the guy friends I had stopped talking to me when Steve
moved in with me. I guess that since i wouldnt fuck them, I
wasnt worth their time.. And Morgan had been my best friend
for 10 years. She met this asshole online and started
fucking him. Then she fucked some stranger to make the
first guy jealous then they started dating. I invited this
fuck into my home and he wouldnt even speak to me. After
that I never saw Morgan except for the one week they broke
up. Then they got back together and I havnt seen her since.
I never get to talk to her anymore and I think it is all
his fault. He is a controlling asshole and I hope he dies a
painful death. Her birthday was a couple weeks ago and I
couldnt even get her to message me on yahoo about it. I
have always been there for her, through all the shit in her
life and this is how Im repaid. By being ditched for some
pussy fuck toy. I have given up. She is out of my life. I
refuse to be treated this way. She has hurt me in the past
but now she can go fuck herself.The last time she hurt me
was when she said we couldnt be friends because I stood in
the way of her relationship with God. Well, obviously she
is just a whore now. She went against everything she
preached about and hated me for. I wont take her back and I
hope her and her fuck toy live happily ever after. Or that
she gets pregnant and ruins her life. She isnt on birth
control because she cant be for medical reasons and he is
allergic to latex. When I get hurt I dont forget the pain
and I rarely forgive. She has made me realize how horrible
people are and to never let anyone else close to me again.
I have steve and I have my family. Everyone else can go die
for all I care. The bright side is I no longer have to dumb
down conversations. I guess my new mind set is, unless you
are going to have a 3some with me and my bf, get the fuck
out. I dont want your friendship.

Yes I am bitter. Never get on my bad side... All who hurt
me will pay eventually..