lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-06-06 06:45:58 (UTC)

$5 each

i'm more than tongue-tied this time...because i was five feet away
from new found glory! we weaseled our way into the front of the
friggin show when our seats were for row y, way up in the bowl.
haha how tight is that? i also snuck in my camera, which is a big
no-no, but ooh i have amazing photos of my future
husband. haha. no seriously, jordan is hot. ok i'm done but i love
being a giddy teenage girl.

basically we got ready and britt's and got all pumped to go to the
civic tour, and then we left and got coffee at starbuck's all punked-
out...and the guy thought i didn't understand spanish so he made
fun of me until i said i was mexican and he stopped but i think he
was just scared cuz i'm a punk. err yeah. how mexican do i look,

then we got to the concert and walked a milllion miles and got
made fun of for looking like avril lavigne...and cool *ahem* stuff
happened, if you know what i mean. what? i've never even heard
of that kind of stuff!! anyway!!! then we got in and sort of found our
seats...and then argued with a couple security guys to let us down
to the mosh pit. no one would. we TRIED reaaally reaallly hard
and were told our persistence would pay off...but it didn't so we
went to our seats and just watched good charlotte play.
AWESOME. toward the end of the set, the lady in front of us gave
us THE BRACELET, which is your pass to get into the mosh area.
it was a gift from heaven!! erin wore it in and then snuck it back out
to us via some little kid...after the fiasco with the lame seventh
graders who wanted $5 each just to give us a friggin bracelet. ok.
not. i was the last one to go in--ahhh--and the guy was checking
the bracelet to see if we'd really been doing what we were
doing...haha but oh well he didn't care.

so we got in there and friggin moshed to new found
glory...amazing spilled on me...broken's all worth
it, dogg.

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