champagne supernova
2003-06-06 06:20:43 (UTC)

music and aviane

i unbelievably love the song "champagne supernova" by
oasis "someday you will find me caught beneath the a champagne supernova, a champagne supernova
in the sky" hjmmmmmmm medication. *pfft* dont know about
taking this hre "vitamin" *wink ash*...its bright orange.
and the last week im spose to take it of the month,, the
pills are green..its not easy being green. "slowly walking
down the hall, faster than a cannonball" oi ve im hungry.
i want a bowl of lucky charms, a slice of toast and a i take it all back!! orange juice and toast.
ya know, someone insisted on guessing my weight today. i
didnt know what to think. why would someone want to guess
how much i weigh ?? i told him no, but he did it anyway.
damn person. i was just like.... shut ur pie hole. nd just
for the record he was wrong....i just made toast ..*
munch*..mhhmm...*sip* juice...all the lights were
off in my living room and kitchen and i turned on the as prety neat hole kitchen
all lt up orange and red....shut up ...imm tired. i miss
manny. 22 days...
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