the magenta files
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2003-06-06 06:16:43 (UTC)

story, kinda

this happened a sunday night two weeks ago, i think:

tonight my mom made her way into the laundry room and
knocked over a bottle of bleach. the bottle was closed but
when it hit the floor the top broke open. i could smell it
at the other end of the house. my mom did everything to
clean it up and when i got in there i opened up all the
windows because the fumes were so strong. we got a fan and
dad came in and sent mom to the shower and started mixing
up some water and baking soda to neutralize the bleach. he
used it all up and my mom had bleach burns on her and
needed baking soda for the burns. i went to the neighbor
but she got mixed up and gave me bakin powder, which i gave
to mom because it does have baking soda in it. but i went
back to the neighbor with the empty box of baking soda and
she understood and gave me one of the boxes with the little
filter sides. i just brought it back and my dad ripped it
open and gave it to my mom. she said it helped. when
she got out of the shower i gave her some aloe spray for
the burns and it turned to white suds when it hit the
bleach burns. I told mom it wasn't supposed to do that and
sprayed to on my own arm to see it just soak in as usual.
i ate rice.

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