Book of the Purple Faerie
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2003-06-06 04:58:14 (UTC)

Just another day...

Game of the moment: Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Novel: Idoru by William Gibson
Music: Strong Enough, by Cher
Comic of the Moment: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #9

Today marks 11 lbs I've lost so far! w007! Go me! I'm on my
way to becoming a thin, bronze goddess!

Seriously, I'm starting to feel pretty good about my image!
Mom says I'm finally starting to look good in my pants!
Actually had a good hair day too (hair is such a pain...
but looks good when I put effort into it!). And since I
didn't have to work in the morning, I had time to style.

Today was my only day off this week, and was fairly normal.
Played some Lunar (on the second disc now! Yay!) and went
to a dollar movie with Heather. It's still raining...
stupid weather! I want it to get nice so I can wash my car
and go swimming! I miss the ARC... I miss my friends. I've
been writing letters, but have recieved no replies. They're
very busy people though, for the most part, so I
understand. Still, would be nice to get some form of
interaction! Everyone replies to Chris and Mi-hime's online
journals! Where's my lovin'? Eh, I guess I'm a boring
person anyways.

Guh, one more day until payday! Thank god, I just took out
another 20 bucks for gas... and comic books. The machine
only let you take out money in 20s, so I got one, and then
got comics. But as soon as I get the check, part of it is
going into my MAC card. Some of it, I'm keeping. Volume 6
of Chobits and 2 of Clamp Campus Detectives just came out!
Want to spend money I actually own! Can't let that
Waldenbooks membership go to waste! And they just released
the TMNT movies on DVD! Can't miss that! $8.88 at Walmart!
Don't know why I'm on a Ninja Turtle kick right now, but I
am. And can you blame me?! Come on, who in my generation
didn't watch TMNT when they were kids?! If some actually
didn't, I'd feel bad for them! It's fun! You can't be sad
while watching Ninja Turtles!

Hmmm... what else... just got to the 2nd disc of Lunar,
right after Nash breaks your blimp and you go the Frontier
anyway. For all his attitude, Nash really is a likable guy.
After all, his reasoning for stopping the party from going
to the Frontier is to prevent them from getting killed
(them specifically being Mia). He's dumb, but he's thinking
with his heart! And I get to beat him up later! While he
wears a chicken suit and plays the banjo! How can I stay
mad at someone who lets me abuse them like that?!

Word from Hack via Heather says that Jason can drive to
Otakon! That is great if it's true! Dad doesn't think Multi
can make the trip... but Pittsburg is no trouble! And I'm
scared to navigate Baltimore anyways! When I brought it up
tonight, Dad didn't even bitch about making the trip, just
that it was good that I didn't have to drive. Good job,
Dad, way to not knock my habits.

Well, that's about it here... must peruse more fan
fiction... laters!


Quote of the Moment:
Mikey (TMNT, 3rd movie): How did you get in April's