A new story to tell
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2001-10-09 03:58:55 (UTC)


Some how, I thought I could change things. Some how, I
thought I could make a difference. Some how, I thought if I
listened things would get better. Some time I figured they
must be right. Some time I decided I was wrong. Some where,
I took a wrong turn, and never realized it. Some how, this
all seems so similar, like it did when I was a shy, lonely,
confidence lacking pre-teen. Some where along the way I
found myself. Some where along the way I lost track of
everything I was. Some where along the way I found great
joy. Some where on this journey I found pain, suffered
loss,became confused,misused and abused. Today, it all came
into palce. Today, I realized this. Today, I don't know
what to do, or feel, or say, or even if I should do
anything at all. Today I realized that this all may
dissapear tomorrow. That it's all probably just a phase, or
a mood swing, or something of the sorts. Today I realized
that it's best to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow maybe I'll
see what today was. Tomorrow maybe I'll understand it all.
Maybe tomorrow I'll grow out of this awkwardness. Maybe
tomorrow my ignorance will vanish, and this will all be
vaguely framiliar, like certain hard-to-remember dreams.
Maybe, just maybe. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see.