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2003-06-06 03:30:47 (UTC)

the pain of living

so nothing really new. at them moment i'm in that i'm
really pissed but kinda just too tired to care... today was
a really shitty day and tonight isn't helping much either.
i woke up and had a very "enlightning" talk with a friend
of mine (you know who you are) findign out things i could
never imagine and didn't even want to know. this just left
me upset. i was fucking pissed and at the same time so sad?
(i could'nt think of a different word to go there...but you
get it) so then to get that off my mind i call an old
friend and i was going to drive there. my mom was out but
back soon? two hours later she gets home and at one point
the attic collapsed...yes it fucking fell through
cluttering our garage with tons of shit. so of course a
couple more hours goign through that and cleaning.
finally...4 hours after i was supposed to leave i get to
go. it was ok. the rest of the day is pretty much "smooth
sailing" nothing bad but nothing good. so again i'm fucking
pissed at someone. they can be so hypocritical and honestly
have no fucking clue what some people go through. they say
everything suck...uhh icant get a girlfriend...fuck you, no
one can. i mean if that's all you're gonna complain about
fuck you. they definately make some comments which could be
called "poking fun" towards me. fuck that too. i think
we're alittle too old to be making fun of something cus
they can't do something you can. and then later just say i
was joking. fuck that. i dont need that shit. i'm fuming.
this is the end.

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