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2003-06-06 02:50:07 (UTC)

My choice...

I have come to my final choice of what I am going to do. I
give up. I no longer care if I live or die, I just don't
care. It's not worth living if I have a heart full of pain
and emptiness. So, here I sit praying for death to come.
Something to take this pain away. No one will miss me, no
one would even care, and I doubt even two people would show
up at my funeral. So this is my choice and I pray for it to
happen soon, I don't want another day of this pain in my
heart. Even when I am happy it looms, pulsateing with every
beat. Life is pointless, at least mine. I wish I could do
something about it, but too many promises to too many
people. So I have to pray and wish with everything I have
that it ends. Happiness, I deserve none. Love, my body is
not worth it. Friends, they leave at the sight of me. Death
is the rightful thing for me, it is the only thing I am
worthy of. Death and pain.