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2003-06-06 00:48:25 (UTC)

june 4th

what up. havent written in here in a few days. o well . too
bad i have nothing to write. i went to grand old days on
sunday. it was a riot. i ended up getting into the bar and
drinking too many long islands. sara was sitting at the bar
with this guy she met there, and i was running all over the
place. tawnnia gave me her wrist band, and then sara used
her id so it was no big deal staying in there. then after
we were there for a few hours i was plowed. i ran into
bryan kelly who lives on grand, so he was having a party at
his place. i guess he wasnt having fun so he headed up to
billys bar where i was and started getting me shots of
southern comfort. after like 4 of those i decided i needed
to go home! so i went and tried to look for sarah. i found
her and told her that i was leacing and she was like ok,
and never showed up outside so i took my drunk ass and
started walking up grand ae all alone. then i was like fuck
this. and i called my dad who i havent seen in months. i
guess i told him he had to come pick my drunk ass up, and i
have never been trashed in front of him before. so he came
and got me. blah blah theres more to the story, but i dont
feel like going on and on. i ended up making it home
alright so thats all that matters i guess. anyways today i
didnt do much. i chilled with ryan for a little bit and we
went to auto zone to get some part for his trunk. dont ask
me anything about that. he kept trying to explain to me
what he was doing with his truck, and i just didnt care. i
acted like i was listning because its a big deal to him and
everything, but i was really clueless and if he would have
asked me to repeat anything that he had said i would have
felt bad becasue i wasnt even paying attention to him. well
thats about all i hae to say for today maybe ill wrtite
more tomorrow.