2003-06-05 21:18:34 (UTC)

just decided to give acouple shout outz

hey guyz, since i can't fit all of my shoutouts in my aol
profile (piece of shit) i just decided to write in here,
for the ones that feel like it, so i have extra room in my
regular profile....

Deeg~ girl, lol we've had some good times, i wanna do
something with u soon, we havn't had a sleepover with the
3 of us in a long time. lol that was so much fun the last
time, lylas
Corinne~ hey hey, Disturbed is gunna kick some wild ass
dude. god i can't wait, even Heikki and ian will b there.
lol yeah well a night back at weirs should catch up on our
hoing. lol haha. god i just wanna go and hang there. i
miss weirs so much. but i gtg ly.
Mitch~ lol doing that thing that ryan does, flippin the
bird at mc stash. haha god do i hate her. lylas hun
Dee~ Tomatoes to potatoes... ugh good times in softball
hun, well i should say mc donalds but hey it's all good.
i'll never for get that. and by the way, your the stoner
not me. lol haha
Dave~ lol secrets, haha that was good, except when tom
saw, i just laughed my ass off. i still can't believe u
were at my neighbors house... it's kinda wierd but w/e.
call me when u go to your grandparents house. l8r hun
Mike~ yes mr firmin was bitchin at me but i didn't get
into touble like u guys thought i was. so ha. but your
cool. l8r
Tay~ omg good times in reading huh buddy. lol we had some
wierd ass conversations that i've never really talked
about. like matt. yeah that was funny. luv ya hun.
Cheryl~ girl we had some good times in softball and art,
lol. i don't want u to move.... :( man i'm gunna miss you
but i'll come visit you. even thought i have no idea where
u gunna b at. but i miss ya already. remember get drunk
with the guyz!!!!!
viki~ hey girl, i will meet joe. lol i hope u and matt get
things evened out. you talk about him all the time. and i
dunno, i know u like him. lol lov ya hun
cameron~ ugh u suck, i'm talkin about david blais not that
other dave, you such an ass, and i'm not givin u that gay
ass 50cents either. so bite my ass.
dustin~ BRING IT. LOL
ryan~ hun what's wrong, u seem so depressed on the bus and
all, sumthin up with stef?
Thomas~ get run over by cars lately? good luck

well if i missed anybody, just holla