thats absurd
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2003-06-05 20:04:13 (UTC)

People who write in this diary...

they make me sad. I dont like reading them anymore. I
dont like writing either. is sucks. I cant think of any
thing creative toi write and i refuse to write a bunch of
emotional Kuh-rap. Thats the kind of stuff i hate reading.

"Oh, what a terrible experience. I wish to never remember
that again. And now i shall write it down electronicly on
the information super highway where it will live forever in
infamy, or however you might spell it."

It doesnt make sense to me. I dont get it. Me no

My theory:
Drama desnt happen, it is created. Creating can be avoided.
But for some reason people think they need it. They dont
know this, and they dont want it, but they watch to much TV
and idolize Dawsobn and Pacey( what kind of a stupid name
is that?) and therefore think they should experience
such "Mis-adventures" to be...important or interesting or
something like that...I dont know. However they will deny
this up and down because its wrong, humans are doing it,
and denying falicies is their nature.

Join me next time for more inane ramblings and assinine