Montana bound
2003-06-05 16:57:59 (UTC)

Thank God it's over

Well, school's finally out, for a week or so at least.
Then I've got to go back for summer school. After that,
it's back again next year to 90 minute classes which I'm
sure I'll know no one in. Aside from the little while that
Ty and me were in History together this year, I haven't had
a class with any friends in it since the second semester of
my freshman year when Corey and I had the same gym class
with Rydalch. I didn't really have anything against the
teacher, but I hated the class.
So, I'm free, at least for now. I think summer shool
starts on June 11, then I'm a prisoner for four and a half
hours a day for three weeks again, until I'm once again set
free for the remainder of this ungodly hot summer.
All I can say is, I'll be absolutely ecstatic when it's
all over. I'm still hoping to move out this summer, God
knows I can't take another three months trying to keep the
Old Man's lawn alive while the temperatures are easily
reaching 100 out there. I just can't wait until it's all
done and I can get the Hell out of here. Hopefully Allison
and Jessica can give me some kind of support through the
It's like Allison said, life's a bitch, then it has
puppies. Mine just so happend to have about twelve.