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2003-06-05 04:18:29 (UTC)

To have a job on gov - or be rich

I am doing tests to get a job on gov. It is not kind like
years ago but still a job on gov.
Other way I am learning how to be rich with advertising
and a free product to sell. I receive comission on sale.
But I have no pay if I do not sell anything. I have a plan
to sell big and earn much. And build my own business.
Well maybe I go to job on gov and make some cash. And start
to build my own business and when it go good I will be on
my own. The job on gov is not that kind. A job o Court could
be better. I am doing another test too. But most competitors
have the same degree and could take the same position.
To get a good job on gov is necessary to study much and
pratice special abilities. It is like to get a chair on
Havard University but with a good pay check at end of month.
And advantages from Justice Court job.
I am almost geting job on gov. But not on Court. Then it is
almost like normal job.
I prefer to be rich. Using my inteligence and learning abilities to make my own business grow. But I will work
for gov to get some cash. And start to make my business
and watch money from gov coming to me after a full month
of work.
Better day for heros and people that never gave up their
dreams. Only mind could limit people. The dreams are the
limit of realm.