Oh,The Insanity
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2003-06-05 06:50:46 (UTC)

A Current Expression of Angst

Fuck you all, I just don't care
You need my sympathy, I need air.
Back down, bitch and let me breathe
Open your eyes and try to see.
I'm not the enemy, I'm not a threat
so don't you worry your pretty little head.
We're not kids, we're all adults
when we fuck up, we admit it's our fault.
Well, I'm raising my hand, I made mistakes
I let you believe it'll all be okay
I've stood in the back for the last day.
From now on, I'm heard, I'll say what I feel
and if you've done wrong, you'll know its for real
When I left highschool, I thought it would end
the he said/she said, you're no longer my friend.
The games we play with each others'lives
to distract us from the emptiness we feel inside.
You want him and I want her, but she wants you
the game goes on and all will lose.
Because that's not reality, its not even close to life
There is no winning team so there is no choosing sides.
You have it all, the looks the grace
you have the hair, the pretty face.
I've learned that its okay
to not be perfect and I can say
I'm happy and I'm at ease
I no longer worry, cuz I don't aim to please.

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