more human than human
2003-06-05 04:51:16 (UTC)

My childhood....

I remember the "good old days"....when a "big" party was 8
girls, pop, chips, and their favorite movies. I remember
getting together with my best friends every weekend to
watch Now and Then, Casper, The Craft, and Wild America. I
remember thinking I really wouldn't ever do drugs, or
drink until I was 18, or have sex before marriage. I
remember being a somewhat believing Christian. I remember
thinking my parents could never be wrong. I remember when
blackouts were scary, when staying up until midnight was
late - even on a weekend. When super nintendo and sega
were new...AND cool. I remember liking Ace of Base and
Weird Al. (okay...weird Al is still cool:) Even further
back, idolizing Alice Cooper and writing to him...and
crying when he didn't write back, and when I found out he
was retiring. I remember Saturday morning cartoons, when
The Mighty Ducks got into theatres, and going to see it.
When the Ninga Turtle and Mario Brother movies came out on
video....and renting them. Wondering if there really WERE
mutant turtles in the sewers. I remember skating with my
dad every Sunday at 2 pm in the winter in Fort
Saskatchewan. Then going home and helping mom make a roast
beef dinner. Or when mom was sick, having to tell dad
where the pans were, and what temperature to cook it at.
Having hair to my waist...and thinking it was the end of
the world when my mom cut it all off. I remember having
faith in her. I remember my first cat, Bob, who always
knew when I needed a cuddle. I remember my sister making
sure I was okay if she ever heard my crying, or if our
parents were fighting. I remember holding my niece for the
first time, and despite everyone else's doubts, I KNEW I
would see her make it to school. I remember my dad calling
me at a friend's hosue to say she would get a liver. I
remember being the first to know my brother ws getting
married. I remember trying to wake him up every Christmas,
and him throwing me onto the bed, putting on music, and
telling me to go back to sleep. I remember conor waking me
up one Christmas by jumping on my bed and screaming "It's
Christmas! Santa came! Get up!" He was about 19. I
remember the first time someone called me pretty...and I
actually believed him. I remember picking flowers for my
mom, and making her breakfast in bed on mother's day. I
remember making crowns of daisies. I remember having my
entire wedding designed by the age of 10. I remember
running for the ice cream man with Caitlin on summer
afternoons. I remember when a half hour bike ride was
considered long. I remember the first time I jumped off a
diving bored. I remember the classic 80's/early 90's
swimsuit I was wearing. When 8 pm was a late curfiew, and
lipgloss was makeup. And when Alannah used to sing me to