I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-06-05 04:27:53 (UTC)

Blah Blah Blah

Work was long today. And even though I napped, I'm still
tired. I suppose that is a sign that I should be in bed. I
like my bed. It's soft, and comfy, and white. White is my
favorite color. It's just so clean looking. Which is odd
cause I'm not really a clean person. Well, I am in spaces
that don't belong to me, like kitchens and such. I've
picked up using "and such" from Chris. Today is Chris'
birthday. I (again) tried to use the internet to ship his
present and (again) I failed miserably. I am just not good
at this online ordering thing! I am good at ordering take
out however. My favorite is Chinese food. Yum! My mom and
I make whole meals out of fried dumplings. But I take the
water chestnuts out of whatever food I have. I do not like
water chestnuts. They have a very strange texture. I'm
eating soft food, I don't want something crunch in it. If
I want crunchy I'll eat chips. But not pretzels. They're
too weird. I do like watching the people at Auntie Ann's
pretzels do the twisty thing with the dough to make the
pretzels. Somehow lots of cute boys end up working at
Auntie Ann's. I like cute boys. Andrew is still a cute
boy. He's having a dinner party on Friday and I'm quite
excited. He's a really good cook, though he only makes
vegetarian things. He was not feeling well today. He was
ready to go home when I was going home. Because work was
long today.