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2003-06-05 03:30:09 (UTC)

Lets play swallow all the stuff under the sink!

hmm...i really wanted to write in here for some reason yesterday but
this one wouldnt work so i wrote in the other one. lol...i dont even
remember what it was i needed to write. hmm. oh well huh?
today sucked pretty bad. i dont think i have a very healthy work
atmosphere if i CRY when im there. today was Staff Development Day
(has it really been a year?! *sigh*...i dont wanna think about all
that) was at Little Red so I walked. it ended up being worse
than even i thought it could be! at like 10:30, i was told to 'shut
up or you'll be kicked out' (meaning id lose my job) by *drum roll*
Barbara Schiflet (sp?)...shes such a fucking bitch. i really shoulda
just walked out but i didnt have my car and by then it was
raining...i really shoulda just left! after lunch (around 3) Barbara
Dupre (CUNT) came to 'answer human resource questions'. it was
boring and pointless. and just basically pissed me off.
the first question she addressed was something like 'what do u do
about someone retaliating against someone who files a grievance'
(not those exact words...) she says 'well...ive been here 5 1/2
years and as far as i know that has never happened before. if it
were to happen u should come straight to us and tell.' BULL-FUCKING-
SHIT. that was a fucking straight out lie! 'never happened'?! what
the fuck?! then-when she answered a few questions-they told her to
just talk about human resources stuff. the first thing out of her
mouth was 'well...they hired the new Emergency Management officer!
*blah blah blah*' and continues to babble about how great he is.
hmm. FUCK YOU! im not even gonna get into the rest of it because its
starting to piss me off again and i shouldnt even be talking about
THIS in this diary...its kinda personal. oh well. ive already typed
it all huh? grr. lol.
hmm...then what? i came home...watched TV...checked to see
if my subprofile works yet (nope :()...cleaned out under
my bed...thats about it :(. im pretty damn bored.
agh. !PANG!...while cleaning out all my 'junk boxes' (i
have countless shoe boxes under my bed...i place a 'junk
box' by my bed and just throw random shit in there till it
gets full...then shove it under my bed until im outta
boxes...then clean em all out. lol. not the most efficient
system but u usually are pleasantly suprised when u find
stuff u have been missing FOREVER! lol) i found some
pretty depressing stuff! -i actually ran outta boxes
MONTHS ago but i had an empty drawer and didnt wanna put
it back in my dresser (DONT ASK! :-X lol) so i used that
for a LOOOONG time!-so...needless to say, i had some
pretty old stuff in some of those boxes. old as in
like...this time (and a few months sooner!) last year.
[[[[BRB...30 min! lol...Daily Show!!!]]]] i was saying. i found a note from John. 'i
want u back!' LOL...and some lil thing i got from
somewhere ('Souvenir!':-P) when i was w.alex. and notes
between me and mary. like i said...agh. then i found
the "time capsule" LMAO...we were such dorks! it was like
years ago and me and cole and shannon came up w.the idea
of burying a time capsule...well we gathered some shit but
never ended up burying it and so its still under my bed.
ha. too sentimental. thats why my room is so
freakin cluttered...i cant throw things out! LOL.

...its been a week!...not cool...

gnight :)


(ps i found my handcuffs!!! HEHEHE)