hello kitty cat
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2003-06-05 02:38:34 (UTC)

I don't know where to start

Well Stephanie just got back from downtown..we went to go
see Pretty Girls Make Graves and Alkaline Trio...and it was
sold out so we ended up seeing if my friend was working at
the vibe on the way back to the car and ended up applying
to be waitresses..we actually got the jobs...I thought that
was pretty cool..So I go home and look next to my bed where
I had put aside (this morning while I was cleaning)these 2
stickers (ICP and Misfits) for Mike...I found them in this
little bag of stickers I to this silly scooby
doo toothbursh I saw and bought (because I am a loser..)for
his daughter amanda whom I adore...and thought I haven't
seen Mike in a while, I really miss him, I wonder why he
hasn't called? I'll give him a I call him--I'm in
a super good mood...I'm thinking about how all I'd like to
do tonight is go give him a hug and watch a movie with
him...and he answers teh phone in a not-so-thrilled
voice...and I know something is up..I figure he's jsut in a
bad mood...little did I know my best friend would tell me
he didn't want me in his life. Why? Well Mike, even though
you do thinks like this to me, I love you, and always will
in a way, and all I want is to be your friend. I know you
miss me--why can't you just let things be?
I thought about driving over to his house and knocking on
his door and being like...why? can't we just have a good
time together? I realize you aren't in love with me and
never will be..I realize I will never have you..but why do
you have to take away your place as my best friend too? Why
don't you want to share your life at all with me? But I
knwo there would be no point. I can't make anyone else's
decisions but my own. I can only hold him in a special
place in my heart. I was about to type I'm going to miss
him..but I've been missing him for 5 days I'll
just continue missing him....

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