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2003-06-05 02:02:03 (UTC)

Going great

Well, my summer has started off nicely so far. This Monday,
in the morning, I happened to break my glasses into two
pieces. Thankfully, I had an old pair which I had to wear
all day until my 4pm appointment that afternoon. Went to
the eye doctor, he checked my eyes, told me my sight hasn't
really changed, and I picked out new glasses. The lenses
aren't as wide as I usually wear them and I think I'm going
to enjoy wearing my new glasses. Of course, they won't be
ready until next Friday and next Monday starts off my two
weeks of LMS(Life Management Skills) class at my school. I
can't really see too well through these old pair of glasses
so I'm going to have live through a week of heck. Oh and get
this! The LMS class is being held in the room that I take
Band in! At least, I won't have problem finding that
classroom. Anyway, haven't heard anything from my friends;
Dustin, TJ, Nick, Aaron, Morgan, etc. Gonna have to remember
to talk to Aaron though since he wasn't there for 8th grade
Graduation......or was he? I can't remember. Even he wasn't
there then I really got to tell him what happened! Well, I
have to go now but I'm going to try my hardest to write in
this diary more.

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