SuGaR RuSh
2003-06-05 01:53:18 (UTC)

i love lillix, and they r on..

i love lillix, and they r on madonna's lable 2 :)....i
drove hom from work 2day...gosh that was in a
better mood now lol...2day was bad...ppl suck...and dr.
suck...yeah they r is almost over
then 1 more yr!!...i know i complain all the time how bad i
hate it but i know like on the last day next yr ill prob
cry like a baby cuz i will miss the people who i actaully
like and i know i wont c them 4 a longgg time and i doubt i
will even talk 2 them 4 a while cuz everyone will b so busy
w/ college n shuff....blahhhs....i gotta go throw sum stuff
away LOL ERIN! so ill write later

fuk ya later