lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-06-05 00:36:04 (UTC)


ahh, in preparation for seeing good charlotte, mxpx, and new
found glory (oh- and movielife- haha) tomorrow, i am listening to
some gentle a capella music. don't ask. i'm weird. it pains me at
times. i only had one final and i got out of it at 9:45
and went to the promenade with erika, katie waters, lauren, and
michaela. we went back to school to get out yearbooks and melt in
the summer sun, which was pretty rad. then i got home and sat
around...for hours...and suddenly it's almost six o'clock. wow.

school's out way too soon. i mean duh i am as stoked as anything
to be getting out of school...i'm not having too much fun or anything
crazy like that. but i didn't even see this coming...haha that's life for
you. but yippee...swimsuit season is here and i can officially sleep
the day away for lack of anything better to do.