Barely Hanging On, About to Let Go
2003-06-05 00:12:14 (UTC)

So much has changed...

Radio-Alkaline Trio
What a great song. It makes me so happy. So happy i decided
to come back here and write after 2309483 years. my last
entry was probably erased...it was long...it was
stupid..and i think my Mom read it. which wasnt cool, but
so much has changed...for the better. and i love this
its the feeling that right now at this moment nothing could
be more perfect. everything is just going my way. yea,
schools a bitch...but it always was and always will be. but
even that is going good for me...hopefully. hahaha.
i need to totally rule on finals. ill do my best. and i
SHOULD BE studying right now...but im not...cuz im perfect.
right now at this very moment i have nothing wrong. my
friends are all chill with me...my enemies are even being
nice to me its amazing that when someone who is usually
mean to u doesnt do anything or ignores u or something how
good it makes u feel. well..me at least.
u no what else?
woooo what a beautiful word.
(i wonder if that works...hmmm...anyway...)
i need a job. a summer job. so i can make $$. that i
neeeeeeddd. im fukn 15 years old now...my bday was on the
21st of May. :):):):)):):):):):)15 is a chill age. i feel
music is wonderful. i wish my burner worked then i could
listen to it all the time...but it doesnt. so BLAH.
i hope that any1 who reads this will realize that
really...there life isnt so bad. and that if they look at
things optimistically, for some reason everything just gets
a hell of a lot easier.

ur friend with the good advice,

ps. by the way...if any1 ever does need advice just ask me.
i happen to be very good at things like that.

just thought ud like to know.


pss. matt i didnt forget u! my AIM is retarded...like our
foreign policy...lol. so give me a shout whenever u can!