dazed and confused

Twisted Teenage Years
2003-06-04 23:41:07 (UTC)

My "little buddy"...

The only four year old to ever truly embarrass me, and now
he's also the only four year old to come about -that close
to making me cry. My boyfriend's son just informed me that
he doesn't like me. What am I supposed to do there?! I
mean... supposedly he's planning on asking me to marry
him, and his kid doesn't like me? I'm not thinking thats a
good combination. And if anything, if he really meant it,
it's not a good sign for me and my bf because I know damn
well that if he told him to choose, I'd be out the door.
And now I'm thinking that he IS the kind of kid that would
tell him to choose. :(

I don't want to lose him. I need advice... how do you make
a 4 year old like you and NOT think you're trying to take
their Daddy away from them without doing dumb things like
boying them candy? I think I know what it is. He's seen me
kiss him, and he sees me cling to him all the time. I
think he's jealous that I'm getting more attention than he
is. He's only 4 after all. So what if it's the other way
around and I'M the jealous one?