Chapter One: The Evil Within
2003-06-04 19:12:52 (UTC)

I am back... in live color... the girl formerly know as Vicki... its The living Pharmacy.... dun dun dun ^insert Timpani Solo^

Okay, so I havent been keeping up on this, and I doubt
that anyone reads this anymore, but its been a long rough
road lately. Well, I suppose I shouldnt say it that way...
For the past 6 months I have been traveling back and
forth like a tennis ball in an intese match, from doctors
to hospitals. I dont think they know whats wrong with me
yet, only one of my test came back with any kind of result,
and that result was that I have asthma. Unfortunatly the
medicines they keep perscribing me do nothing, I am
seriously a walking pharmacy. I could put Wegman's out of
bussiness with all the pills in my purse. I am taking
Advair, and an albuterol inhaler, Nexium, which does
nothing, they dont seem to understand that I dont have acid
reflexs disease. I am also taking Orudis, and Excedrine,
Midol when I get cramps, Naproxin, and this Flosnase stuff
for my nose, which i kinda of just let sit on the stand,
because squirting something in your nose just doesnt seem
natural... I mean all my life I have been told to keep
things out of my nose, and it smells like the pollen in the
air that makes my allergies act up. Then on top of that all
i am also taking eye drops... I am telling you... I am the
walking pharmacy.
I am applying for college. Its a frightening task, and I
am only going to FLCC. I am going to double major in Fine
Arts, and Theraputic Massage. I know I can do it, but its
so scary... I am petrified of failure.
Matt and I are great to my knowledge. I am so happy with
him... he is helping me, pushing me through all of this.
Its wonderful to have someone there to act as your sanity
once and a while. His bithday is coming up soon, and I feel
horrible because I didnt have the $ to get him what I had
set my hopes on getting him. I really wanted to buy him the
Pioneer head unit, the one with all the fun screen savers,
type thingys. But instead, I got him a Jackass shirt, a
Dawin Awards book, a pin, 4 mini-spongebob mugs, this thing
he wanted for his car that goes on his battery post for his
stereo, 2 mustang magazines,a pack of cigars, a Jackass
patch,a puzzle of the Irwo Gima monument and some of those
fun little alchol samples that are like a shot each. I am
also going to clean out his car for him, and am going to
attempt to make him a cake. I bought him 2 cards, one
says "I was going to take you out to a nice resterant,
where all the waiter and waitresses gathered around the
table, singing happy birthday to you, and embarass your
pants off.... but then I thought, if anything involves you
with your pants off, I want you all to myself" and the
other one said "On your bithday, which are you going to
head for first, me naked or your bithday cake.... Please,
before you make your decision, I want you to think which
one has sensitive feelings and a long term memory, happy
birthday" I thought they were cute. What I am going to do,
since I told him that I only got him like 1 thing, I am
going to go over to Chase Pitkins, and put the second card,
and the puzzle in his car, while he is working, because he
is almost positive that he is going to work on his b-day,
and since I am in the habit of always screwing up his b-
day, and being late, I am going to give him his other gifts
later in the week... I am good like that, I can do that,
and it would follow the tradition.

Anyways, i gotta get going for now.... byes...