SuGaR RuSh
2003-06-04 18:12:49 (UTC)

god just leave me the fuck alone!!!

i could just b in the worst mood ever, ppl piss me off so
bad they thing they r so cool and they are not, not @
all...!!!!! in 8th per and i gotta pass 2 go 2
guidance, and i had 2 change sumthin on my scheduel again,
they took away modern art connections cuz only 4 ppl took
it so i took the classic art connections, and she had my
scheduel there and i looked @ it but when i was lookin she
told me i wasent aloud but i saw the name hinez or however
u spell it 4 1st per...and she said the classes i have n
stuff and i was like...uh ...i c mr hinez there, and i
would have him i would just change it anyways and shes like
y and i said i didnt like him and i thought he was a very
bad teacher and so she is gunna change it....woohoo...i
hate that man lol and i asked 4 zorich but she wont have
nav 1st per so HOPEFULLY ill get demer, in chem, oops, i
feel bad...i was like screaming swear words and unban seem
a tad bit mad but oh well he was laughin more...GOD WHEN IS
THE FUCKIN BELL GUNNA RINGGGG!!....i wanna go 2 sleep but i
gotta go 2 the dr. and then go 2 flippin work...god thats
the last place i wanna b right now, well besides
here...ahhh im gunna go my back hurts 2 bad.....

bite me :)