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2003-06-04 15:36:19 (UTC)

The Choir Practice That Wasn't

Linda had said that she'd be late for choir practice this
week so I went over there about 10 minutes after seven. The
only one there was Bob and he was sitting in his truck.
He'd tried the side door--the one we use-- but it was
locked. There was no one there.

We went to sit on the front steps of the church as the sun
was setting and we wanted a shady place. We talked for
about 45 minutes--about how he met his wife, what his kids
and grandkids were doing, the trips he's taking this
summer--and finally, at almost 8 p.m. we figured no one else
was coming so he started back to his truck and I started to
walk home.

I could see John in the front yard and wondered why he was
there. He told me he'd just gotten a call on the answering
machine from Linda from the church, saying she was there but
no one else was! I immediately went back and there was
Linda right outside the church, smiling and waving at me!
Turns out she'd gone into the church and never realized we
were sitting out on the front steps. She'd seen Bob's truck
but it's not one he usually drives so she didn't recognize
it at his. We decided not to have choir practice--it was
getting late--but we did talk for about fifteen minutes. I
also found out that I will be the only choir member at
church next Sunday as the others all have vacation plans!
Oh, I told Linda. I'm not doing a solo! She reassured me
that I wouldn't have to. So it all turned out well.