Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2003-06-03 23:25:33 (UTC)

06.03.03 Dream

I have stopped talking to Henry and the dreams are coming back.
The one i had last night was pretty interesting:

I was in california, it was post-apocoliptic, but there
wasnt any nuclear weapons, there was just no goverment,
police or power or running water. Sometimes, gangs would
come through the neighborhood. they were vicious. i was
living in a house that wasnt mine, but noone else lived
there. I chose it, because it had a high concrete fence
around it. I had a motorcycle and a dump truck, or a
garbage truck. I told the lady that lived across the street
that i was going to go to the store and wanted to know if
she wanted me to pick up anything for her. She said no, so
i got on the motorcycle and drove to town. The store was
more of a warehouse space packed with all sorts of stuff.
The lady behind the counter was very nice and wanted to know
if i was interested in a santa outfit. I told her no. I
then went to the bowling alley. A couple of people were
bowling. the lanes were lite by candles lining the lanes.
and kids with helmets on were at the end. after you bowled
they would pick up the pins and tell you how many you
knocked over. It was very surreal. Then i was coming back
home, i was riding in a car with a woman, her car started
to sputter and stalled. we were miles from home. this was
not a good place to be. Being away from home at night on
the road, was never a goood place to be.
then i awoke.