Salem's Den Journal
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2003-06-03 23:20:55 (UTC)


This one has so many little hidden things in it... Who will
find the obvious one, the whole reason behind it?
It is also a little rough, and i would appreciate any help
on making it better...

Every time I think of you I wonder
Brazen attempts to talk to you,
Good times tried and failed again
Dare I talk to you again you never
Allow times to flow and life to end
Every time I think of you

Every time I think of you I wonder
Can you ever forgive me I shouldn't
Give you such hard choices to make
Every time i think ofo you I wonder
can you ever really care? Do I waste my
Exhale breathe slowly hyperventilation no

Give me time to think it over am I
Bad cruel and unforgiving? I wouldn't
give myself that name but who knows how
Did I earn it... Life goes on and on and on and
by the way I really love you listen to the steel music
give me hope a reason for living time left my side long
time ago.....