2003-06-03 23:15:12 (UTC)

prom update>>>

So I bought the tickets today for me and date. The date
part I still have to work on. So far, we're inviting
superman's, a.k.a. priest guys son's parents over. The idea
is that eventually they will ask or something and in the
end they'll end up leaving saying that they'll ask him.
Which in the end might end up as a yes. There might be just
the obsticle of him going back to his college to work there
for the summer. Other then that I can't think of a single

My plan b is still to be planned. I'm hoping for a certain
cute alternative guy if I get to meet him in time. But the
thing is that if he comes off as a loser then gosh will my
expectations be crushed. Oh well. I guess you can't hope
for people's character to be a certain way. (Eventually
they might end up what you want, but not what you need. Or
something like that.)

Oh and when I came back from school, my dad told me he's
got more good news for me, but didn't say it. He says he'll
tell me later. I hope he finally tells me, and tells me
something good. Well anyway, I might catch with ya later to
say what it really is.