humming bird

my F***ed up head
2003-06-03 22:41:42 (UTC)

so that was forever ago, here s..

so that was forever ago, here's the update, yeah i was
right, me and mark didnt stay togehter, i did everything
for that kid and he knew it and he broke up with me...we
were on the phone one night and we were planing to hang out
and he goes "ok heres the deal, i wann hang out and i want
to go to the movies but i want to take a break" i didnt say
anything i just started crying and all i kept saying was i
dont care and it doesnt matter.... he was saying stuff
like "ur not gonna hear any stories about ' oh i saw mark
with this girl or that girl', you have been the est
girlfriend and if i was gonna be with anyone i would be
with u i just want to be alone, u were so good to me you
showed me that you cared, u treated me better then any
other girlfried..." blah blah and all this shit right....
well even tho we had broken up he was spose to go to the
movies with me and niukki and james and on friday and he
never bothered to cll me so on monday didnt call him or
anything i just went over to his house and danny was
standing outside nect door and i got out and alked to danny
and he told me that mark had cheated on me and his sister
came home from school and told me that jenny had been
coming over and i called rueben and rueben told me that he
was with some girl named jessica and that he had been kinda
like with all three of us at once, asshole, i talked to him
like two weex later and he denied the whole thing, i ran
into him at the mall and it was weird.... im not over him,
its been over a month but im not over him all the way and i
dont what it is about his assholish ways that i miss but i
just miss him.... but i am with someone right now that is
unlike any other boyfriend i have ever had, i've cut back
on smoking soooooo much for him and like i just dont feel
li8ke im good enough for him, hes the captain of the
baseball team and heplays foobal- varsity starting quarter
back andhe plays basketball and he has a 4.0 gpa and hes so
smart and so nice, every sunday he goes to visit his 90
year old granma and he is just like the boy next door, his
name is neal miller, i went to prom with him, heather
introduced me and i could never thank her enough. i had so
much fun at prom it was so cute cuz i said something about
how i wanted to go sit down and in like 2 secodns he had
picked me up and was carrying me over to the table , he's
one of the sweetest guys ever, he calls me is lil humming
bird, i dont know why but it is so cute but yeah ill inform
u more in alil while- peace out