Me and More
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2003-06-03 19:17:07 (UTC)

Having tons of fun!

Dear Diary,

What's up! I'm having tons of fun! Last night I got drunk,
the night b4 that I got drunk, I've been going out, hanging
with friends, I get to be around peeps I actually enjoy
seeing (Brandon the most) LOL. I'm so busy I haven't had a
chance to get on here and talk to my friends. I miss y'all!
Howdy Lisa, Howdy Brett!! Luv ya!

So what's new? Nothing much just busy with College work,
friends, and getting drunk. Hopefully I'll get laid soon. I
need a good fuck. A nice long hard fuck. Yeppers.

Nothing much more has happened, well it has, but nothing I
wish to say on here. Just confusing shit.

I'm outtie. Got shit to do and people to see! Luv y'all out
there! Party, dance, and have fun....you're only young