The crazy world of me
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2003-06-03 08:26:05 (UTC)

Is it just me!

So I am not to sure what is going on in my head but I feel
really weird around people these days. Not just a few
people but just about everyone. I feel like I have done
like something wrong and now everyone hates me for it. I
have changed so much it is kind of scary. I now do and
think things that I would never do or think. What this all
about I have no clue but I really wish I did.
Everything is just happening so fast these days I don't
know what to do one minute to the next. I just don't know
how to act around people anymore. Now when I am around
people I feel weak and dependent when before I felt strong
and independent. I let people tell me what to do and
everything. I just feel really weak these days.
I have people here for me but I for real feel like I have
nobody what so ever. I hate having that feeling like
nobody is there. I am not alone and I know this but I just
feel like I hav. Another thing that really bothers me is
feeling like I have nobody. I have no control over anything
that going on. Before I always had control on what was
going on and now I just don't. Everyone around me does. I
guess I am going to go.