the magenta files
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2003-06-03 06:24:29 (UTC)

"while young"

okay, now:
I miss Riff
school, scary
prom fun

i worry.
i hope j is okay. and m. and everyone of course. i just
feel...i guess i'll use the word weird... i just feel weird
sometimes that some things in my life are really messed
up,i've messed up, and certain things are particularly
bad... just some things.. and yet i'll just have days when
i'm so happy. is that allowed? i kinda feel like i need to
say sorry, but then i think I have to be sorry for being
happy? i just wish more people had those random endorphin
rushes or whatever they are. i guess i wish more people
could be in love. yeah, yeah, in each his own time..i
wonder if it will be love in retrospect. i don't want to
think about that now, or care. it's just.. like steve
martin movies on a warm summer night. can't i just make
everyone cookies?

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