I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-06-03 04:59:20 (UTC)

Home Alone.....With My Brother

So we're having a good time. We just baked chocolate chips
cookies and they stuck to the pan so now we have chocolate
chip cookie crumbs in tupperware. Travis likes 'em so he
can take them to summer school with him tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also my day off and I'm looking forward to
that as well. Work is mad crazy with all the shit I have
to do so 8 or 9 hours goes very quickly.

I decided that while my 15 year old brother was on a date
with his girlfriend (sigh) I would go to the store and
make it a spa night. So I did. And sat on my ass and
watched the Little People of America (LPA to the informed)
convention on the Travel Channel. Yup. I did. Watched
dwarfs on TV. It was actually kinda interesting and
probable would have been more so if I was paying more
attention which I wasn't.

It's too hot. I hate the hot. Did talk to a friend I
haven't heard from in a long time. That was good. Have to
get up early to take my bro to summer school. He saw a
video on the penis today. Yes. Also his teacher for LMS
(life management skills-FL law requires it for graduation
from high school) just so happens to be an ex teacher of
his from middle school. You'll never guess her name, so
I'll tell you. Barbara Barbara. I swear to God. (Last name
is actually pronounced Bar-bear-a). She goes by Barbie,
but still. Barbie Barbara? Yeah, I know. And apparently
she is still just as boring as when he had her in middle
school. Go figure.

You can't go wrong with penis videos.