"Day-z H"
2003-06-03 04:24:57 (UTC)

"Random Nothingness" June 3rd, 2003

It is almost 3 am ...and I have yet to go to bed. Looks like my
morning is gonna start after noon again. That is okay though because
around 5 I am allowed to go to Alton. :)! Knock on wood...considering
David left without me talking to him about it. Figure though I will
call him tomorrow sometime and hope...which more the likely he will
be...still home. I feel bad about Freedom paying money to have him
pick me up. Though I have yet to tell David he would get gas money
outta it. Maybe I worry to much...and I know I have paid money to go
see my babe as well...but he has been doing it a lot lately. Just
doesn't seem fair to me. I'm sorry! Damn I need a job. Tomorrow
Tracie is suppose to let me know if she can spend the night with me
so I can take her to Alton with me. Hope she can, she hasn't been
over in a while, it'd be kewl. Maia should be back at school
now...though I wonder why she hasn't called. She seemed to say fuck
you to me first...but I will give it a little time and check up on
her anyways. Walk all over me...lol hell I am sure I have done the
same to many people as well...no one is perfect. Jesse is never home
anymore since he is outta school and has his new job. Kinda sucks
cause now it seems I really don't have anyone to talk to in the A.M.
hours. Everyone else I know sleeps these days. People be getting
old...that or I am still a child. Hell probably a little of both.
Check me out...I am back in my odd yet good mood. I'm not really
bitching anymore. Knock on wood!! :p


Daisy loves Freedom

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