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Puerto Rico

Alice Warner-- Pd. 6 --11/01


Puerto Rico is an island located between Florida and South
America in the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico consists of four
main geographical regions, the coastal lowlands, the
coastal valleys, the foothills, and the central mountains.
The coastal lowlands are on the north and south coasts. The
coastal valleys are located on the east and west coasts.
The foothills are long east-west strips set in from the
coastal lowlands. The central mountains are in the central
part of the island. Puerto Rico’s tropical weather is warm
and calm. The average temperature in January is seventy-
three degrees Fahrenheit. In July, it is on average eighty
degrees Fahrenheit. No snow falls on Puerto Rico, not even
in the mountains. On the northern half of Puerto Rico there
is approximately seventy inches of rain, but the southern
half gets approximately 37 years of rain year.

Indians first arrived in Puerto Rico approximately 4000
years ago. About 1900 years ago, another group arrived, the
Arawak Indians. In the 1400s, the Arawaks called themselves
the Taínos. In 1493, Christopher Columbus landed on the
island, naming it San Juan Bautista and claiming it for
Spain. In 1508, Juan Ponce de Leon came and settled San
Juan Bautista, enslaving the Taínos. Later, Africans were
brought to increase the labor force. In 1898, America
invaded Puerto Rico in the war with Spain, and Puerto Rico
is now an American Territory. Ninety-nine percent of Puerto
Ricans have Hispanic background.

The official languages of Puerto Rico are Spanish and
English. The religion is approximately fifty-two percent
Protestant and forty-eight percent catholic. Baseball is
the passion of the island as far as sports go. For money,
Puerto Rico uses American currency. Puerto Rico’s imports
consist of machinery, transport equipment, manufactured
goods, and food products. Puerto Rico exports petroleum
products, food products, and chemicals. Local food includes
a lot of plantains, fruits, and beans and fish. Beer and
coffee are popular drinks.

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