2003-06-02 21:36:47 (UTC)

Holding On

I'm too blessed to be depressed but I can't get oyu off my
And all along, I've known it's wrong, cause in you I'll
never find
Anything that matters, to last for all time

Still I'm holding on (holding on)
To what can never be

I only cry and here I lie in my bed alone
With one hand grapsing, questions asking, and one hand on
the phone

And I'm waiting for you to call
You're my world, I feel so small

You're all I know and I'm holding on
To what can never be
And I'm holding on, but I'm learning now
That you'll never love me

I gotta give you up
I can't keep holding on to this
Give you up
I can't keep waiting for your kiss
Gotta give you up
But I keep holding on