No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-06-02 19:43:41 (UTC)

just plain weird...kinda funny

Isn't it ironic how people can realize just how guilty they
are of doing something? I wrote an entry yesterday, and
someone replyed to it. She told me she wasn't using her new
bf etc. I never said the entry was about her though. Do you
know how many people I know that my previous entry can
relate to? A good few. But, she wrote me assuming it was
her. Think she feels guilty? But, I can see where she is
coming from, come to think of it, every word of that does
relate to her. I would think it was me too if I were her.
Just kinda weird...
On another note, summer has been going pretty well. Not
many complaints really.
Terry and I are going well. :D That's always a plus...he's
so great. I love him, he makes me happy.
Well, I'm gunna jet. Later.