my courage
2003-06-02 19:17:50 (UTC)

been awhile

yes, four more days till the end of my junior year. it's
been a while hasn't it? wow, a lot of things have
happened, yet some things still havent changed. time sure
flies. im confuzled. ill be back later, when i sort my
thoughts out.


ok, im back. i've decided to divide my year into different
categories. i want to reminisce (is that how you spell it?) but a
year is just too much to put into one diary entry. more like 365
entries. ha. i should start writing in my diary every day. it will
help me sort out problems, put things in perspective, alleviate
boredom, among other things.
one thing that i want to work on is my creativity and writing style.
my style is as dry and boring as the sahara, and i find that my
creativity has dried up as i grow older. maybe i'll use this diary
as a holding place for my fanfic. the one that i WILL write, that is.
just writing about my daily experiences might help with this. i'll
be forced to find new ways in which to say the same things over and
over. haha. maybe i should have a pet potato, like cece. she's a
genius though. i want ideas of my own. i feel that my whole
personality is made up of other people, not a single part just me.
whatever happened to that creative genius in 3rd grade? my vocabulary
is abysmal too. wow look at that word. yay. you know what, a lot of
this entry is looking quite depressing. im feeling depressed. sigh.
come on, pick it up, you've got to lead in a couple of months. you
can do it. signing out, elise.

p.s. i WILL be back. my mind is full of ramblings that need to be
sorted out....^_~
p.p.s. wow, this is the longest entry ever!