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2003-06-02 15:40:07 (UTC)

Will it get me, over her quickly...Can it outrun her memory...

So I start at Gary's tomorrow (Tuesday)...I'm excited but
I'm still working at my other place this week (cuz I
haven't had a chance to quit) so I'll be putting in 11
hour days at least. So that might kill me but we'll see.
On another note, the horse show went well enough. Splash
was decent-completely lacking a right lead but
whatever...his halt/walk/jog to left lead lope were
amazing so I can deal. It's been so weird between us she still asks me to come with her there and
stuff and brings up these movie tickets that she has, but
at the same time...I her mom came over and
took pictures of us together and stuff and normally we'd
be like all smiley and close together and stuff but
yesterday we were like so far away that her mom made us
move closer and stuff...I dont know...but she was riding
today with her hair out of her braid (so it was all ripply
from being braided all day) and it was very nice to
watch...but yeah I guess I didn't really have fun at the all really...I'm like I paid 50bux for that!!?? more showing till Regionals and then maybe I'll
show Rori after that (once!) I'm not having fun at
all...the only time I can think of that I was enjoying
myself was when I was sleeping on the picnic table letting
Splash graze (when we were done) and when me and Trisha
and Cassidy were running barrels at the end of the night
(and these girls are like 10 and 11)...
I guess we'll see what happens this next week cuz my car
is in the shop today so I cant' get out and then cuz I'm
working at Gary's and my other place I wont be out till at
least Friday...I already told her to skrew the show cuz I
wouldn't have to time to ride Rori at all...I wonder,
either on Friday she'll be all talky and whatever or
she'll totally ignore me cuz I've ditched her...whatever,
right now I'm not even sure which option I want...

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